A 30ish Gay Transplant in New York City.

The New York City Homosapien

It Depresses Me That There Are More Books Than I Can Read in a Lifetime

Within the past few years I’ve really ramped up the number of books I’ve read. There was a lull after university where I had just finished four years worth of studying and wanted nothing more just to relax, but the demands of starting a new career and...
Covid Notice Equinox

Are Equinox Gyms Still Worth $300 a Month During Covid?

As of September 2nd, gyms have finally reopened in New York City. Despite most of the North Eastern region reopening gyms weeks before, it took New York State being sued by a collection of gym owners for the Governors office to provide any sort of guidance for...

Drinking at 5 West Village Gay Bars During COVID

At the time of writing this at the end of August 2020, outside dining has been open for about two months. A lot of the initial confusion surrounding what is and isn’t allowed has been clarified. Restaurants have built their barriers...

NYC Book Review & Discussion: A Gentleman in Moscow

Spoiler Free Review This is a part of my series on book relating to New York City. In this case the story takes place across the ocean from New York but the author is a longtime resident of the city. Click here...

That about sums it up. There are likely thousands of people in New York City that fit these criteria, so while I can’t offer you a completely unique perspective of life in the city, I can provide you with a perspective that is uniquely mine.

My writing is influenced by being an active member of the LGBT community, by my day job as a statistician and programmer, and a love for the culture, history and challenges that New York City provides everyday.

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