Short Review of the NYPL “Treasures” Exhibit

The New York Public Library opened the “Polonsky Exhibition of The New York Public Library’s Treasures” exhibition on September 24th, 2021. Tickets are free to acquire via the NYPL website and are widely available now that it’s been open for a few weeks.

I visited the exhibit over the weekend and found it to be an enjoyable Saturday morning activity. The entire exhibit takes place in a single room, with approximately a dozen glass cases exhibiting a variety of physical artifacts. It only took an hour to get through the whole exhibit, so make sure you have further plans for your day. It was quite busy within the room itself, so if you’re still uncomfortable with crowds I would advise you to go at a less busy time such as early in the morning.

Particularly of interest to me was an “original copy” of the Bill of Rights, and George Washington’s handwritten notes from his final address as president. You can also view Charles Dickens’ personal writing desk, and the original stuffed toys that inspired Whinny the Pooh. As a library nerd, I would have liked to see more history on the library itself, but the focus seems more on the history of literature and famous figures throughout time.


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